Digital Matrix Intercom

Rabu, 11 Januari 2012

Digital Matrix Intercom

Eclipse Digital Matrix Platform is the latest advancement in 4-wire intercom systems. As the industry’s first point-to-point intercom platform capable of seamlessly integrating with digital wireless beltpacks and IP-based software intercoms, Eclipse is enhanced to be much more powerful, functional, easy to use and expandable than ever before.
System Frames
Eclipse system frames provide a flexible and scalable foundation for point-to-point and group-based multi-connections, supporting as few as 36 on a single matrix system or as many as 3120 user connections on a networked system.
User Panels
Fully programmable, highly sophisticated range of user control panels are available in digital pushbutton, lever key and LCD units, to basic, non-display panels.
Interface Cards
Eclipse interface cards offer a seamless approach to integrate with other Clear-Com intercom technology and enable connections to other audio sources.
Interface Frames
One to 3RU rack-mountable interface frames offer a practical way to hold interface modules and directly connect external audio sources to the Eclipse systems.
Interface Modules
Eclipse interface modules establish a variety of connections from the matrix frame to third-party devices.
The Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS), with the addition of Production Maestro and Logic Maestro options, makes the Eclipse system significantly easy-to-configure, use and manage.

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